Frequently Asked Questions

We try to accommodate the best that we can, but if we don’t know about the allergies/aversions ahead of time, we may not be able to accommodate.

We are usually able to accommodate a good amount of allergies/aversions but please note that none of our kitchens are completely allergen-free kitchens.

If you have a very big allergy (or a mild food allergy), please feel free to give us an email, call or text and we are happy to discuss the tour and make sure it is right for you.

Regular daytime running tours are about 3.5 wonderful hours

The tours must go on, so we say “Rain Schmain” and will still carry on, just with cute rain boots, umbrellas, and ponchos. Please bring your gear.

Seriously though, tours will run rain or shine. We are in Santa Barbara, awful weather is simply a matter of opinion. We ask that you check the weather forecast and dress accordingly if inclement weather is predicted.

If it is hot, please dress how you will be the most comfortable and we do suggest sunblock.

If it is cold, please plan to layer.

We do not have extra rain gear.

MOST guests are pleasantly full by the end. We do not want you feeling overly stuffed and we have some great food in this town of ours and want you to enjoy a nice dinner.

If you are an early riser, we do suggest having a snack or light breakfast before you meet up with the group, we prefer everyone’s blood sugar to be stable.

Beverages included for The Downtown Tour and Taco Tour

The Original Downtown Tour:

Alcohol tickets include: 1 wine tasting of 4 wines AND another alcoholic beverage along the way, as well as one non-alcoholic beverage that we pair with your taco tasting.

Non-Alcohol Tickets include: One non alcoholic beverage is included with your taco tasting.

The Taco and Tequila Tour: This tour includes THREE alcoholic beverages and one non alcoholic beverage. If you do not drink alcohol, there are non alcoholic options.

Water is available upon request.

Please note, if you look under 25, please don’t forget to bring your valid government-issued ID.

Who doesn’t take these tours? 3.5ish hours of fun, food, drinks, and some cool history, but not too much.

More and more locals are enjoying our experiences. While locals may be familiar with our route and the tasting locations, you now have the opportunity to try new foods at the tasting locations and learn more about the establishments themselves. Also, being a local, you have the unique opportunity to re-visit the eateries we feature on the tour and any other recommendations we point out at your leisure!

Our tours are an excellent way to entertain out-of-town guests, celebrate a special occasion, or encourage professional team building!!!

Both wheelchairs and strollers can be accommodated; it might not be the easiest with wheelchairs, it is certainly doable (and has been done!)  Please let us know before hand if someone is in a wheelchair or if you will be bringing a child in a stroller.

You have to be able to walk and stand. If you move at a slower pace or have health issues, we recommend booking a private tour, so we can set the tour for a comfortable pace specifically for you.

We recommend taking the tour early in your stay so you can revisit places you liked and to learn about other places you may want to visit.

Currently, tours are in English, but soon they will be offered in Spanish as well.

Yes, tickets must be purchased in advance. Tours often sell out so we suggest purchasing your tickets early to guarantee your desired tour day. You can buy your tickets either online or by phone with a Visa, Mastercard or American Express. We can do venmo too.

Of course, you can and we LOVE that!

We love touring with a group of like-minded fun foodies. Click on the Private Tour Request

We suggest wearing comfortable clothes and shoes.

Bring yourself and your appetite.

Feel free to bring a bottle of water.

Cash to tip your guide.

While children are welcome on the tour, please keep in mind that tours are 3-4 hours long and we walk approximately 3 miles.

All children three years and older are required to have a ticket.

Children under two can attend free of charge if they will not be participating in the food tastings.

Please let us know if you plan to bring children when purchasing your tickets.

We love animals and are dog people, BUT we are visiting food establishments, so animals are not allowed on tours.

Although not required, we definitely encourage tipping your tour guides! They are working hard!

Have Any Questions?