What IS the trend?

I know very little about most trends. The clothes trends, although, right now, matching sets, joggers, jeans and Birkenstocks seem to be super in THANK GOOD (because that right there is pretty much my informal uniform). I have not a clue about the “correct” side for hair parting or how to wear my jeans anymore.

A trend, that I do recognize and absolutely love, is the taco trend.

Tacos have been around forever and ever and the Taco Tuesday thing is definitely a thing. But, I feel like it faded a little and now tacos are back and on trend.

One of the coolest things about tacos (in my opinion) is that each taco has a story. They have their own history. Their own aromas, their own tastes. Each taco has a uniqueness and identity.

I want to learn all about tacos and most importantly feed YOU the tacos. That’s how the DT Taco Tour came into existence. A few years ago, just for fun, we started asking guests if they’d be interested in a more specific kind of walking food tour. Like a tour that mostly featured a variety of tacos and drinks. We were met time after time with enthusiastic YESes. And these Yeses were promptly followed up with people’s gues-ta-mation of how many tacos they thought could consume in 4 hours. And so the taco eating continued…

Have you had a Birria taco before?

Until a few years ago, I don’t think I had ever had the pleasure of enjoying a queso Birria taco. I had seen Yona Redz and heard all about the tacos. And then…I ate there. I can honestly say that I have not had a comparable queso birria taco since. Sidebar, I am also OBSESSED with their potato taquitos (I could and will 100% offer a potato taco tour at some point).

A Queso Birria taco from Yona Redz is an interactive experience.

What the heck does that mean? You GET to dip your taco in a bowl of hot Consume (broth) and close your eyes and do the happy dance, while spilling hot juices all down your arms. It is worth it.

What is smaller than a burrito and bigger than a street taco?

Tacos from Corazon in the SB Public Market. Chef Ramon has taken tacos to a whole new level. These tacos are not your traditional tacos, they have a different kind of beauty and so much color.

Blended strawberry marg w salt from Playa Azul


La Plaza Azul – the deck, is a very welcoming place to sit and just be (and eat). Gimme a strawberry blended marg with salt (virgin or not) and some of their little friend potato tacos and chips and salsa and I am done, in a good way.



Taqueria Santa Barbara it is difficult to pick a favorite taco, luckily I don’t have to. But everything and I mean everything I order from Taqueria is delicious and I make sure to always have a couple sides of the pineapple salsa. I am not a fruity salsa lover, but this one, this one is special.

If I am talking about tacos in Santa Barbara, of course I have to make a mention to La Superica and yes it is good, but there is always a line and nowhere to park, so that is a special occasion taco stop for me, usually when we have visitors who need to go there.

Can’t wait to see you on one of our upcoming tours!

These are just a few of our favorite taco places, there are many, many, many more.

Tell us, where do you taco?!



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