5 things we would do on a trip to Santa Barbara

We get A LOT of questions asking what we would do if we were visiting Santa Barbara. SB is a small town with a lot of random things to do. We decided to come up with our first suggestion list of 5 things we would do if we were visiting Santa Barbara for a week or a weekend!

Obviously, the first thing we would do is take one of our awesome food tours. If possible, we generally suggest taking a tour as close to the start of any trip, to get a lay of the land and can find out about other things around town. But, tours are good at any point in your trip!

Are you the adventurous type? If so (even if you aren’t and feeling frisky) – check out our friends over at SB Trapeze 

Not so adventurous, but like animals? Our zoo is small and very manageable. You can spend hours there or make it a quick visit.

Into History? We got you. You gotta at least check out The SB Mission & hanging at the Rose Garden and/or The SB Courthouse Sunken Gardens AND Clock Tower (fun fact, Evan was married in the clock tower)

Well that’s what we got for you today. Check back for other fun ideas of things to do when you visit Santa Barbara. Can’t wait to see you on a food tour soon!

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