What’s for Dinner? Probably Sushi.

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Sushi. Raw fish. Rolls. Rice. Seaweed. Cucumber Salads. Raw fish on crunchy rice. Rice. Ginger. Wasabi. Soy Sauce. Ponzu. Eel Sauce. Edamame. Miso. Green Tea Ice Cream. Mochi. Fried Green Tea Ice Cream. Oh my.

(Sushi credits from right to left, yep, keeping ya on your toes: Sakana, Montecito, Fujiya, Camarillo and someplace in Vegas – OK, it’s really called Wazuzu).

Some people love it and some people hate it.

Some people like only raw stuff.

Some people like only the cooked stuff

Some people love it all

Some people think it is gross

Some people think it is all awesome

Some people will try it all

Some people will try nothing

Sushi. Sushi. Sushi.

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(Sushi credit: Nagao Sushi and Salad
– yes, this is the official name and it is in Brentwood)

 personally have been eating raw fish since I was itty bitty. I guess in those days people were not as concerened with bacteria and mercury or maybe it was my family…these people had been eating sushi since like thxe 60’s, waaaay before it was the trend.  Their philosophy, If a kid wants to eat raw fish, let them. If a kid is eating things that are good for them and they want it, let them.

On almost any given night, if almost any person asks “Hey Evan, waht do you want for dinner?” It really is a silly question, because 9.6 times out of 10, this girls is going to say SUSHI!

I have heard a lot of people tell me that the things I eat are weird. I don’t really view it that way, as this is how I have always eaten…

Give me Sea Urchin in a cup

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(Sushi Credit: Arigato, Santa Barbara)

Did you know that something like 70% of the Sea Urchin in the world is from Santa Barbara? Yup, even the sea urchin in Japan.

Give me sushi in a to-go container

2014 06 25 20.43.49 250x250 1
(Photo Credit: Formerly known as East
or actually it was, Tsukemono, Santa Barbara).

This really did happen, I had some awesome sushi in a place that fronted as a sammich shop by day and a sushi bar by night. I was able to order my sushi to go and eat it at the bar next door, The Pickle Room (for locals, I am talking about Three Pickles and for a little while the former owner of East Sushi – this place apparantly had the name: Tsukemono, whcih I just found out in my googles searching. Learn something new every single day. Anyway, Tsukemono was there at night, sadly it is not there anymore).

Give me sushi in a tower

2014 09 16 19.10.29 250x250 1

OK, you get the point – I like to eat raw fish. I like to try new things. It makes me happy.

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