Everyone uses the bathroom

When I first wrote this blog in like 2012, things were different in Santa Barbara then they are now in 2023. It is pretty funny…At the time, I had just started the tours! And State Street still had cars driving on it. Thank god it was turned into a walking promenade during Covid and we have kept it that way! But one thing has stayed the same, everyone still uses the bathroom.

Now it is 2023 and some things have changed:

A lot has changed since I first wrote this blog. The bathroom next to Marshalls is disgusting.  The bathroom in Marshall’s is even worse and always has been. Nordstrom, Killer Shrimp, and Uptown Lounge all closed. Sanford’s downtown wine tasting room also gone.  Killer Shrimp closed before Covid. Nordstrom during Covid, I think Sanford’s tasting room closed either right before covid or in the beginning. Uptown Lounge recently closed, sometime in mid to late 2023.

The Pickle Room and Sportsman still have good bathrooms. Renaud’s bathrooms have taken a turn for the worst. Jimbo’s got a new name and probably a new owner and I haven’t been there in 100 years, but when I do visit. I promise to keep everyone updated, You are welcome.

Original-ish Blog Post below

Not everyone cares if the bathroom is public and disgusting, I however do not like disgusting bathrooms of any kind. And public restrooms give me a little anxiety. Over the years, I began to realize just how much I appreciate a clean bathroom. I especially appreciate a nice bathroom in a place you do not expect. The Sportmans Lounge is a great example of a dive bar with a darn good bathroom.

I have friends checking out bathrooms all over the world and rating them

Yup, that’s right, friend and family report their public bathroom experiences to me.

I have learned that when one ends up in a place that looks kinda gross, the bathroom might now be that bad.

Do not get me wrong, we have plenty of dives and plenty of awful public restrooms, but I have put together a list of places, the ladies can be pleasantly surprised with the bathrooms. Men, I can’t really help with this one, but would love to know if the guys bathrooms are nice too. As much as I love me some local everything, just because the establishment rocks, does not mean that their restroom is awesome.

I decided to make a list of a few local spots, mostly restaurants, a few bars and even a public restroom where, if you find yourself having to go to the restroom, let’s hope you are near one of these…

When you find yourself  near one of these neighbors, you may just find your new fave spot or bathroom… Downtown Santa Barbara (below Micheltorena and State): 1. PUBLIC restroom next to Marshall’s 2. The Sportsman 3.The Pickle Room (right next to Three Pickles – who have awesome sammiches!) 4. Nordstrom 5. Sanford Winery (also great for some local wine – come on the tour and find out what makes them so special!) 6. Renaud’s (both locations) 7. Killer Shrimp (Killer all day Happy Hour also!) The Mesa 8. The Cliff Room Upper State Area (above Micheltorena) 9. Just off State Street – De La Vina: Jimbo’s (that bar, across from Edomasa, that you have driven by 100 times and never knew it’s name) 10. Upper State: Uptown Lounge Funk Zone: 11. The Lark (great food and drink too) 12. The Fish House Random Awesome Bathroom 13, Santa Barbara Zoo (I know you don’t believe me, but seriously, great bathrooms, great zoo),

I am going to sign off now. Thanks for reading, Please remember, everyone uses the bathroom. Oh, and don’t forget to book your tour today!


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