Wondering what to do for your birthday?

Here are the top 3 reasons to book a private food & drink tour for your birthday:

  1. Your birthday is coming up and you don’t really know what to do to celebrate. BUT, you know you want to do something fun.
  2. You are thinking about heading to Santa Barbara for your birthday. You can’t decide on one thing to do. You want to do all the things.
  3. You have a mix of different types of friends and family and it is tough to please everyone. Everyone does have to eat…

And those are just the top 3 reasons to book a tour for your birthday…

If your group has a mix of different types of walkers…

A few friends or family members who tend to walk on the slower side. No stress, we can work with that.

You have some friends you wants to bring their small kids..

You are worried the littles might annoy other tour goers – a private tour for your birthday is the actual answer!

people sitting and having drink


You would love to try a few different wines or no wine at all. We can make it happen.


There is no need to stress, we create tours for you to enjoy.

When you book a private food & drink tour for your birthday or for any day, we have the ease of shifting the tours to work best for you. Taste SBFT offers a handful of different tour options.

Family and friend large group tour!Experiences range from our the og downtown SB food and drink tour to the tour for our taco lovers. We can even do a fun tour in the fabulous funk zone. We have been doing these for a while, but have never offered then to the public before. If you just want to get a feel for SB and want an intro to SB on food and end with a wine tasting…

The hold the food tour may be the one for you.

Go ahead, fill out the super easy private tour request form.

Let’s get you on the calendar and start creating you private food & drink tour for your birthday today!


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